is the stage name of rapper, producer, and composer Andrew Stridiron from Philadelphia, PA.
Within five years, Stridd has continuously produced and mixed music of his own and other talented artist. In his own words he says “I want to collaborate and give other talented artist the chance to use their music as a tool to reach out to people”. He has created albums but nothing on a high quality level until he completed his latest and first professional album Thrive. Thrive was release in mid 2016, and has started getting public attention with its expressive lyrics and melodious production. He is also currently hosting a radio show named Irregular Raps which is reaching out through the music of other artists.
“For God I live For God I Die”


interpret musical compositions and apply their voice and style to create a song.

Song Writer

an individual who writes the lyrics, melodies and chord progressions for musical compositions.

Vocal Coach

one who instructs singers on how to improve their technique, take care of and develop their voice.


“Tyshan Knight is like the first time seeing a movie in 3D”

— Brooklyn Journal —



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